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I bit Beyoncé … and Sasha Fierce bit back!

biting Urban Dictionary

Adjective of bite.

Copying in a plagiaristic context, though mainly just unofficial fad-related things; such as made-up words, clothing styles, types of music, etc.

Dude, those kids are totally biting on my style!

In a Mar 2018 GQ magazine article, Tiffany Haddish revealed that she witnessed an actress biting Beyoncé on the face at an after party. While the mysterious actress has yet to be named, I’ve been accused of biting Beyoncé too … well at least IVY PARK.

On March 31, 2016 Beyoncé launched her own line of athleisurewear called IVY PARK to much fanfare.

Two weeks later on April 14, 2016 I filed trademark for POISON IVY PARK, a brand I envisioned would appeal to girls who like punk rock & goth and shop at Hot Topic.

On Dec 19, 2016 I received a notice of opposition from Parkwood Topshop Athletic Limited citing such thing as Applicant’s use and registration of the POISON IVY PARK mark is likely to falsely suggest a connection with Opposer and Opposer’s IVY PARK mark.

I had a couple of ideas for making the POISON IVY PARK brand unique and unrelated to IVY PARK. One thought was to mash up logos from Poison, Ivy, and Linkin Park, although that would pose some intellectual property challenges.

Another thought was to license out the character of POISON IVY from DC Comics, as I’ve been attending the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas the last few years.
On Apr 5, 2018 a 559 page Motion for Default Judgement was filed with the Trademark Trial And Appeal Board [available via Dropbox]. Within the documents filed it’s stated that I am a “self-proclaimed scourge of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”)”. This is the opposer throwing shade, as I’ve never made such a statement about myself. Grrr.

TTAB made their decision on Aug 17, 2018. From what I can gather as someone who is not an IP attorney, is that the decision was made in favor of the opposer due to my lack of response to their motion for entry judgement.

Ultimately what happened is I fell into a depression from July to August of 2017 where I could not get out of bed (see About), and returned to live with my parents in Taipei, Taiwan. It was at that time that my response was requested, and I was in no mindset to do so. I also spent 55 days in a mental health facility in Taipei from Nov to Dec, 2017 resulting in missed deadlines.


Related to Poison Ivy Park is my registered trademark for iuiuiemoncé ®.

While that may sound nonsensical, I intentionally had my attorney file with lowercase letters. My specimen to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office looked like this:

You see a lower case when made uppercase looks like this: I. iuiuiemoncé is really lululemoncé: a mash up of the yoga-inspired athletic apparel company lululemon + Beyoncé. Perhaps I’ll get sued for this like the people who sold Feyonce merchandise. 😉

Does that figure look familiar? It should! It’s inspired by Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)’ video.

Also inspired by this Etsy poster.

When Ivy Park launched, @lululemon‘s Twitter threw shade, which they quickly regretted after the BeyHive went after them.

The reason why the illustration of Beyoncé has see through pants, is in reference to when lululemon had to recall faulty pants.

I lucked out with lululemoncé as Beyoncé released an album called Lemonade on April 16, 2016. What a fortuitous coincidence!

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